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Chromateq Slim-512

The Chromateq Slim-512 is a slimline standalone DMX interface for controlling your lighting shows. Featuring a new and improved design with ultra low profile, making it perfect for installations and permanent AV setups. Compatible with both the LED Player and DMX Pro DMX software, and capable of outputting 512 channels of control (1 DMX universe). The Slim-512 is capable of storing up to 4000 steps in its internal memory with 10 scene trigger button for quick selection. The interface mounts flat against almost any surface with all the cable connection located on the underside of the unit for a clean ‘no mess’ look once programmed and installed.

In standalone mode, you can also adjust the speed, and dimmer modes directly from the main control surface (no extra connections needed). Another helpful feature of the Slim-512 is its integrated splitter that provides a duplicate of your 512 channels, perfect for controlling 2 different of lighting systems on 1 universe. This simple to use DMX interface is an ideal lighting control system for bars, venues, places of worship, DJs, and more!

  • 512 DMX Channels (1 Universe)
  • Designed for LED Player and Pro DMX (30 mn Timeline) compatible
  • Real Time Clock triggers for each scene (Day, Week, Month, Year)
  • Automatic Scene Recovery if the power is accidentally cut off
  • 10 LED switch button triggering
  • Scene selection with Next and Previous buttons
  • Cross Fade time between scenes in Stand Alone
  • Speed and Dimmer adjustment for each scene in Stand Alone
  • Master/Slave mode to interconnect 16 interfaces (Stand Alone)
  • Default scene triggering when power up
  • Includes Infra Red LED (for scene triggering)
  • Housing that can be wall-mounted and DIN RAIL mounted
  • Supplied with LED Player software


Supported DMX Channels: 512 (x2 outputs with splitter – 1 universe only)

DMX Connector: Terminal block

Stand Alone Function: Yes

Memory Capacity: 4000 steps with 512 channels, 100 000 steps with 16 channels

External triggers: x4 5V contacts, multiplexed to 15 contacts max

Power Requirements: 9-36V external or 5V via USB

Dimensions: 127 x 110 x 19mm

Weight: 0.25 kg

Certifications: CE ; RoHS

For full product details see the online datasheet


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