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Chauvet DJ Hurricane Haze 1D

The Chauvet DJ Hurricane Haze 1D is a compact water based haze machine that delivers a fine fog effect to add atmosphere and enhance your lighting show. Easily set the DMX address and standalone operation using the digital display. The haze output and blower speed can be adjusted in stand-alone mode using the digital display with no controller required. Output can also be adjusted using the included FC-T wired timer remote and DMX.  A built-in sensor helps prolong the hazer’s life by stopping the pump automatically when the fluid level is low.

  • Water-based haze machine creates a light haze to enhance any light show.
  • Adjust the haze output and blower speed in stand-alone mode using the digital display (no controller needed).
  • Easily set the DMX address and stand-alone operation using the digital display.
  • Low fluid sensor stops the pump and prolongs its life.
  • Adjustable output when using the included FC-T wired timer remote and DMX.


DMX Channels: 1

DMX Connectors: 3-pin XLR

Heat-Up Time: 1 min

Fluid Consumption: 10 ml/min

Tank Capacity: 1.5 l

Output: 700 cfm

Input Voltage: 240 VAC, 50 Hz

Weight: 3.7 kg

Size: 318 x 268 x 250 mm

Approvals: CE

Optional controllers: FC-W, FC-M

Compatible Fluids: HJ5, HMM-5



For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.