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BITWIG Studio 2

The BITWIG Studio 2 is the latest version of the intuitive and flexible music production software. The the new Studio 2 version offers a significant update to the production and performance DAW designed for the electronic and recording musician. Upgrades to the software include a re-conceptualized modulation system with over 25 added modulators, 17 new devices (audio, note and hardware), updated remote control facilities, dynamic displays, and better hardware integration with improved MIDI handling and editor workflows.

Bitwig’s recording environment utilizes an object-based system for editing tracks, clips, virtual instruments, effects, and individual notes. Built-in parameter spectrographs provide visual feedback of how setting changes influence parameters such as gain, velocity, panorama and more. In addition to the traditional linear multi-track recording view, the software offers an arranger clip launcher for experimenting with non-linear looping while producing and a mixer clip launcher view for live performance.

The program supports audio tracks with time stretching and transient detection, instrument tracks with per note micro-pitch control, and hybrid tracks that can accept both audio and MIDI instrument information. This enables bouncing note clips to audio in place and slicing audio to send to a sampler or drum machine. Multiple tracks can be edited simultaneously using layered editing, and automation can be applied at both the clip and track level. A suite of virtual instruments is included, as well as full support for 32-/64-bit VST and VST3 plug-ins. Each plug-in is opened as a separate process to prevent Bitwig Studio from crashing in case the VST plug-in crashes. A “Unified Device System” allows any device parameter, nested device, or plug-in to be modulated with macro controls, LFOs, note expressions, and envelope followers, as well as hardware parameters.

Workflow enhancements include multi-monitor support for up to 3 monitors. The 9GB factory content includes 2,000 presets and sounds, such as drum machines (808, 909, percussion), acoustic drums, multi-sampled instruments (Wurlitzer, Rhodes, vibraphone, marimba, acoustic and electric bass), instrument loops, various sound effects, and an Artist Collection Package. A context-based pop-up browser system allows for simple tagging and searching for music content. The software supports many popular MIDI devices out of the box, such as full integration with Nektar’s Panorama and Impact controllers, and also provides an open-source JavaScript API for programming controller functionality.

  • NEW Reworked modulation system with 24 new modulators
  • NEW Additional devices and updated Polysynth to jump-start your creativity
  • NEW Added devices for better integration of your hardware synths
  • NEW Fades and crossfades for speeding up your workflow
  • NEW Freely adjust the height of individual tracks in the arranger timeline
  • NEW Support for VST3 plug-ins
  • NEW Smart tool switching and improved editor workflow
  • NEW Dashboard handles many tasks that were previously available in menus and other windows
  • NEW Notifications display important messages in a clear, streamlined, and non-intrusive format
  • NEW Improved context-aware menu system
  • Creative DAW software for production and live performance
  • Trigger clips in real time in the Arranger clip launcher to sketch your songs spontaneously
  • Powerful multitrack recording capabilities with a streamlined workflow
  • Audio and MIDI clips can exist on the same track
  • Hybrid tracks can hold both audio and MIDI simultaneously for cleaner project arrangements
  • Edit the contents of multiple tracks simultaneously, both audio and MIDI, with Layered Editing
  • Control multiple parameters on multiple devices at once with powerful macro controls
  • Modulate any parameter with any LFO, envelope, or other mod source
  • Supports multi-monitor setups
  • Open multiple projects simultaneously to copy/paste or drag and drop between them



  • VST(i): VST 2.4 and VST3 (32-/64-bit support)
  • AU: No, possible in future version
  • OSC: No, possible in future version
  • ReWire: No
  • JACK: Yes
  • ALSA: Yes
  • PulseAudio: Yes
  • LV2: No, possible in future version

Supported Audio Formats: WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, OGG Vorbis, and MIDI

File Export: WAV, up to 32-bit/192 kHz

System Requirements;

  • 4GB RAM (minimum)
  • 9GB Free Disk Space (minimum)
  • 1280 x 768 pixel screen resolution (minimum)
  • Stable internet connection for bundled content

Mac – OS X 10.9 or later
64-bit capable Intel CPU

Windows- Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Dual-core AMD or Intel CPU or faster with SSE3 support

Linux- Ubuntu 16.04 or later


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