Behringer V-Amp 3 Guitar Modelling Multi Effects Processor


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The Behringer V-Amp3 is a multi-effect guitar modelling processor with 480 virtual effect combos and an intergrated USB audio interface for recording directly into your favourite DAW. Ideal for home producers and musicians.

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Behringer V-Amp 3

The Behringer V-Amp 3 is a guitar multi-effects processor that gives you a number of guitar amps at your disposal. What’s more, with the V-Amp 3 you can take it with you anywhere. Sporting 32 amps and 15 speaker models, as well as 16 classic stereo effects; the V-Amp 3 gives you endless amounts of authentic sounds. Not to mention, the V-AMP 3 is perfect if you play multiple instruments such as bass, guitar, and keyboards. Thanks to its ultra-wide frequency response and world-class effects processor.

If the only thing stopping you from having a recording studio full of vintage amps and effects pedals is floor space; then you’ll love the V-AMP 3. Saving you money while loading you up with endless amps, speakers, and effects. While also organized into four simple groups for clean, metal, blues, and rock. You’ll even get models of renowned-boutique tube amps.

Furthermore, just like an actual guitar amp, the V-AMP 3 guitar multi-effects processor gives you a 3-band EQ. Including gain, reverb, volume, and master volume dials. Hold the tap button, and the treble dial gives you presence control. Enabling the adjustment of a high-frequency filter that lets you add or remove a shimmer from the V-AMP 3’s tone.

Featuring 16 classic effects, the V-AMP 3 gives you flanger, chorus, compression, delay and more. Allowing you to adjust the effects level in the mix via the effects dial. Then, adjust the effect parameters by rhythmically pressing the TAP button to alter delay times and LFO speeds. Or hold it down and twist the effects knob for feedback and depth. Additionally, by using a MIDI pedal, you can even access a Wah-Wah effect.

All these elements have been packed into 125 presets, and 25 banks. Within each bank, you can press buttons A through to E to explore all the different presets. As well as even create and save your own.

Above all, the Behringer V-Amp 3 Guitar Multi-Effects processor is a Swiss Army Knife for the home recording enthusiast or gigging guitarist.

  • 4 all-new plus 28 improved amp models multiplied by 15 speaker cabinet simulations give you a total of 480 virtual combos
  • USB audio interface included, featuring stereo I/O, optical S/PDIF out, direct monitoring and more
  • Studio quality multi-effects including reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary, auto-wah, echo, delay, compressor and various effects combinations
  • 125 memory locations pre-arranged for many popular styles and embedded in the acclaimed intuitive V-AMP user interface
  • Tap-tempo function and many other parameters directly accessible on the unit
  • Presence control adjusts a high-frequency filter, simulating the negative feedback of tube amps
  • Preamp bypass function allows use as a stereo effects processor without amp modelling
  • Stereo Aux input lets you play along to a cue from your PC, CD, MP3 or drum computer
  • Balanced stereo Line output can be configured for many recording and live applications
  • Adjustable auto-chromatic tuner plus effective global configurations and equalization easily adopts the V-AMP 3 to any situation outside your home studio
  • MIDI implementation includes program changes, control changes and SysEx, allowing complete MIDI remote control or automation with your preferred DAW
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany


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