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Halloween Party Lighting Pack

If you’re looking to have a Halloween themed party or scary display, then the Beamz Halloween Party Lighting Pack is the perfect solution for you! Whether you want to create a haunted hallway or enhance your dance floor, this package has it all.

Smoke Machine

This pack includes a 500W Beamz smoke machine which features built-in LED lights to produce a creepy fog effect. It comes pre-filled with smoke fluid and has a remote control attached. This mini fog machine is as easy as plug and play, straight out the box. A smoke machine is almost essential when creating a spooky atmosphere, especially great for “graveyard” displays.

If you want to go crazy with the smoke, you might want to consider some extra fluid. Have a look at our standard and heavy smoke fluids. For something extra special, add a scent to your smoke and make it smell awesome.

UV Light

The new Beamz  LED UV Black-light provides the perfect creepy glow for your party or event by allowing white, neon and fluorescent colours to glow in the dark. If you’re dressing up as a ghost, you’ll certainly stand out when the UV reflects off your white costume.

Mini Strobe

The Beamz Mini-strobe will complete your set-up. A strobe is a fantastic way of mimicking lightning to enhance your haunted area. Capable of 10 flashes per second, you’ll be freaking people out in no time. This mini strobe is very compact in size, making it easy to hide so it doesn’t ruin your display.

These Halloween Lights will add a wow factor to your frightening party and haunted display. It is super easy to setup and can be used for more parties in the future too! There are so many ways you can choose to display your lighting, so get creative and start scaring!

If you want an even bigger Halloween Pack, have a look at the Beamz Ultimate Halloween Lighting Pack!

  • Creates the perfect Halloween atmosphere
  • Great for a smaller party or ‘haunted hallway’
  • Super easy to set-up and use
  • Includes;


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