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Beamz LS180-Truss Portable Tri Truss Kit

The Beamz LS180-Truss is a portable trussing system for mobile performers such as DJs, Bands, presenters, etc. The systems also also for flexible set-ups by the inclusion of 2 T-bar attachments for the tripod stands allowing you to set you lights up in smaller spaces. The lighting system allows you to fit up to 12 lighting fixtures and will support up to 60kg (distributed weight load).

The Beamz LS180-Truss is a heavy duty tri-trussing bridge kit that spans 3m and can reach an impressive 3.9m max height. Collapsible for easy transport making it ideal for mobile DJs, and gigging bands. Supports up to 100kg (max).

For another option with a flat trussing bar, check out the Beamz LS180 Bi-Truss kit

  • Flexible set-up options
  • 60kg max weight load (distributed)
  • 3m Truss span
  • Truss bar with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware
  • Max Heigh 3.8m
  • Stable tripod with locking system



Max. weight load 100kg (distributed)
Max. height 390cm
Tube 38mmØ
Width:Truss 300cm
Dimensions 151 x 48 x 30cm
Weight 26kg