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Light Package 4: Moon Flower + Laser Red and Green + Stroboscope 150W

The Moon Flower light effect has 60 x 5mm LEDs for a high light output. It works completely stand-alone and is controlled by a built-in automatic program or sound controlled. The compact mini laser creates an adjustable star sky effect in red and green colours. When you combine the use of these units the effects are breathtaking. If you add the 150W power strobe to the system, striking and flashing effects are the result. The flash speed can be adjusted. This Light Package is perfect for mobile DJs, live performances and all other mobile applications.

Moon Flower

  • Hi-power long life LEDs
  • Sound activated
  • Bright and colourful pattern
  • Sensitivity control

Multipoint Laser

  • Red (120mW) and green (50mW) laser unit
  • Adjustable motor speed
  • Auto or sound activated operation
  • Integrated fan cooler
  • Incl. mainsadaptor

Strobe Light

  • High instensity 150W globe
  • Adjustable Speed


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