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AVE LF1500

The AVE LF1500 is a powerful 1500W low lying smoke machine that creates an amazing low fog effect. Perfect for special effects for theater, parties, and events. The machine features 2 main components, the first is a powerful 1500W smoke machine, that creates a think cloud. The second is a large ice chamber that allows the smoke to be cooled which makes it stay low to the ground. Simply add your standard smoke fluid, and ice cubes and you are ready to go. The LF1500 includes a wired timer remote that allows you to operate the machine manually, continuously, or via the timer with interval and duration settings. Or control via the 3-pin DMX for use with larger lighting shows and systems.

  • Powerful 1500W Low lying fog machine
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Large ice chamber cools the smoke for a longer lasting effect
  • Wired remote with manual, continuous, and timer controls
  • 3-pin DMX compatible


Smoke Output: 12,000 cu/ft per minute

Warm Up Time: 4.5 minutes

Tank Capacity: 2.5 Ltr

Power Consumption: 1500Watt

Power Supply: 240V / 50Hz

Dimensions: 680 x 405 x 395mm

Weight: 22kg