Auralex 2PYR22BUR Studio Foam Panels – 12 Pack


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The Auralex Acoustics 2PYR22BUR is a convenient 12 pack of the Burgundy pyramid style foam panels, each measuring 600 x 600mm with 2&quot (50mm) pyramids. This is ideal for sound dampening without completely ‘deadening’ the room. Perfect for perfect recording and mix down environments.

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2″ acoustic Studiofoam Pyramids treat small – to medium-sized areas including isolation booths, control rooms and sound studios. They effectively kill standing waves and flutter echoes and, when used in conjunction with our LENRD or Venus Bass Traps or our Sunburst Broadband Absorbers, can effectively tame the full frequency bandwidth in virtually any acoustic environment.

2″ Studiofoam Pyramids offer a bit of extra sound diffusion and slightly less sound absorption than 2″ Studiofoam Wedges, so they yield a less dry-sounding space with a bit more “air.”

  • Eliminates Standing Waves And Flutter Echoes
  • Reduces Unwanted Reflections
  • Decreases Slap-Back And Room Ring
  • Studiofoam Can Improve Any Space!
  • Precision Surface Profiling


Dimensions: 50 x 600 x 600mm
Colour: Burgundy

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.