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Audix FP5

The Audix FP5 is the 5-piece drum microphone pack in the revolutionary Fusion drum and percussion microphone range. The FP5 Drum Pack contains a combination of f2, f5, and f6 dynamic microphones. The f5 is tuned for snare drum and can be used as well for bongos, timbales, guitar cabinets and acoustic instruments; the f2 is ideally suited for rack and floor toms, congas, djembe, bongos, timbales, brass and woodwind instruments. The f6 dynamic microphone, with its extended bass response, is designed for kick drum, bass cabinets, Cajon and other low-frequency instruments.

Built to withstand the rigors of live stage applications, the Fusion Series mics are also excellent for rehearsal, school, House of Worship and a wide variety of home recording applications.

  • All-in-one solution for drum miking
  • Instrument-specific mics for optimal results
  • Cost-effective
  • Rugged Audix quality
  • Designed, engineered, and made in the USA
  • Includes;
    • 3 x F2 Rack and Floor Tom Mics
    • 1 x F5 Snare Mic
    • 1 x F6 Kick Drum Mic
    • Aluminum Road Case


Number of Microphones: 5

Included Models: 1 x F5, 1 x F6, 3 x F2

Microphone Type: Dynamic (F5, F6, F2)

Polar Pattern: Hypercardioid (F5, F6, F2)

Max SPL: ≥139dB SPL (F2), ≥137dB SPL (F5), ≥140dB SPL (F6)

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