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Aphex Exciter

The Aphex Exciter is a premium 2-channel exciter, designed to enhance your audio. Perfect for both live audio and studio recording & mastering application this exciter helps to enhance your audio without adding noise or volume. This allows you to get a cleaner & normalised high, and punchier / fuller bass without boosting the volume or adding destructive noise or distortion to the mix. Easy to set-up and control and features CH1 & CH2 bypass switches on the front panel as well as all the control settings. A must have for any audio professional wanting to enhance their sound.

Recording, Mixdown and Post Production

The Aural Exciter was born in the recording studio. And its legacy is founded on thousands of legendary recordings bearing the unmistakable Aphex sound. Engineers and producers have used the Aural Exciter to bring out vocals; and on instruments from acoustic to electric and eclectic to exotic. It’s at the heart of great sounding mixes in rock, pop, jazz, classical and every other genre of modern music. And you’ll find the Aural Exciter in TV and film post production studios the world over.

Broadcasting / Webcasting

The Aural Exciter brings clarity and intelligibility to spoken word and narration. For terrestrial and satellite broadcasters, it provides the powerful articulation necessary to deliver crisp, clear signal needed for today’s digital broadcasting challenges. And for live and recorded web streaming it adds the definition and dimension. Audio characteristics that are so often lost in the compression of today’s Internet audio.

Live Sound

At Front of House, the Aural Exciter can help to bring out an individual player or add dimension to the entire mix. Making it an important tool for the challenges of changing venues and acoustics. Monitor engineers also depend on the Aural Exciter. Improving clarity and articulation of monitor and in-ear mixes on stage without having to increase volumes to dangerous levels.

Installed Sound

Ideal for adding intelligibility and clarity to challenging spaces and loudspeaker placement, the Aural Exciter can deliver audio clarity under the most demanding conditions.


In the eternal quest for more volume and more bass, the Aural Exciter delivers, while also addressing the need for brightness and definition without the use of speaker-damaging EQ. The Aural Exciter is a prized part of any nightclub or live DJ’s amp rack.

  • Two independent channels
  • Internal power supply
  • Balanced XLR and 1/4″ I/O
  • Increased presence and clarity
  • Deeper, more resonant bass
  • Restores natural brightness
  • Little or no increase in peak output
  • Greater perceived loudness
  • Tighter bass articulation
  • Improved detail and intelligibility
  • Extended low frequencies


Number of Channels: 2

Frequency Response: 10Hz – 38kHz (+/- 0.5dB)

Dynamic Range: 120dB

THD: 0.0003%

Dimensions: 482.6 x 44.5 x 209.6 mm

Weight: 2.73 kg


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