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The All Round preset delivers balanced sound for all music genres. With its slim, versatile, lightweight design it is suited for on-the-go and home listening. This configuration provides a very direct and neutral sound. Based on the TMA-1 X, it’s suitable for most genres. Centred sound stage and medium isolation.

The TMA-2 All Round preset has been configured with the all-round S01 speaker unit, which delivers a balanced sound representation suitable for all music genres. The combination of the light and sturdy H01 headband and the E01 on-ear microfibre ear pads results in an open sound representation.

  • Nice clear and neutral sound
  • Great deep bass response
  • Perfect for all styles of music
  • Lightweight and rugged design
  • Cable includes a built in microphone
  • Large 40mm drivers for optimal bass response



Driver diameter: 40 mm
Sound Pressure Level: 117 dB
Resonance Frequency: 75 Hz
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Rated power: 30 mW
Max power: 70 mW
Diaphragm: PET
Magnet: Neodymium
Weight: 194 g


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