Advanced Podcast Kit – Zoom L8, Rode Podmic, AKG K72


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The Advanced Podcast Kit gives you everything you need to record professional-quality podcasts. Including the Zoom L8, RODE Podmic, AKG K72, Icon Pro Audio Boom Arm, and XLR Cable.

Zoom LiveTrak L-8 Podcasting Console

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RODE PODMIC Broadcast Grade Dynamic Microphone

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Icon Pro Audio MB-06 Microphone Desk Boom Arm

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AKG K72 Closed Back Studio Headphones

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Connex XMXF-3B Basic XLR Cable Male to Female 3m

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Advanced Podcast Kit

The Advanced Podcast Kit gives you everything you need to record professional-quality podcasts. Including the Zoom L8, RODE Podmic, AKG K72, Icon Pro Audio Boom Arm, and XLR Cable.

Zoom L8 Podcasting Console

The Zoom LiveTrak L-8 is a portable podcasting console / 8-Channel Digital Mixer. Making it easier than ever to record, mix and monitor professional sounding podcasts or performances wherever you may be. Featuring 6 independent Zoom preamps, your Livetrak L-8 is built to handle anything from a whisper to a raucous debate. While combining the professional audio performance renowned with Zoom products, with additional features specifically for podcasters.

A built-in sound pad on the LiveTrak L-8 means you can easily press buttons to play intros, outros, jingles, ads, and sound effects. Giving you 6 easily-assignable sound pads, so the right sound is at the ready.

Additionally, if you plan on doing live phone call interviews on your podcast, the Livetrak L-8 makes it a breeze. Simply connect your phone via the provided TRRS cable, while the Mix-Minus function automatically prevents unwanted echo and feedback from the caller. Alternatively, you can use the USB connection to route audio from Skype, Facetime, Hangouts, Slack and more. Ensuring you’re only capturing high-quality sound from your interviews.

Make sure each guest can clearly hear what’s happening with the four built-in headphone outputs. While the LiveTrak L-8 also records separate tracks for each microphone directly to your SD card. Enabling you to easily edit individual tracks later on.

Finally, the Zoom LiveTrak L-8 can run for up to 2 and a half hours with four AA batteries or USB battery. Offering the ultimate high-quality and ultra-portable podcasting experience.


The Rode PodMic is a broadcast-grade dynamic microphone created specifically for podcasts. If you’ve been looking for the right microphone to give your productions that professional-quality sound, the PodMic gives you a great solution. Delivering that silky, pro sound quality you demand. So whether your podcast requires raucous screaming or something more intimate; you’ll have no issues with the Rode PodMic.  Offering a balanced, easy-to-listen-to sound that’s guaranteed to take your podcast to the next level. While the integrated pop shield lets you enjoy a plosive-free performance. To top it off, the PodMic is housed in a durable, all-metal construction. So if you want to capture top-notch vocals, you’ll need a top-notch podcasting mic; like the Rode PodMic.


Complementing your Podcasting Console and PodMic is the AKG K72 Studio Headphones. The AKG K72 combines professional sound quality, with style and affordability.  You’ll be able to confidently monitor your Podcast recordings thanks to its immaculate quality. While you can ensure the self-adjusting headband and lightweight design of the K72 will provide hours of comfort.

Icon Pro Audio Boom Arm

The Icon MB-06 Microphone Desk Arm gives you a solid and easy to handle boom arm. Boasting a height adjustment that extends up to 60cm, so you can easily position the boom arm on your desk. Therefore, making it the perfect solution for studios and multimedia workstations whether you’re recording podcasts, live streaming, or recording vocals.

Connex XMXF-3B

The Connex XMXF-3B is a high-quality 3m XLR audio signal cable with high-grade connectors and oxygen-free cabling. Perfect for connecting your audio device into a power amplifier or active speaker system. And is one of the most popular styles of cable in the audio / music industry for its balanced signal transfer and versatility.

Above all, if you’re looking to create a professional podcast, the advanced podcast kit is the perfect solution!

  • Zoom L-8 Podcasting Console
  • RODE PodMic
  • Icon MB-06
  • AKG K72
  • Connex XLR Cable