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Adam Hall KLS215

The Adam Hall KLS215 is a high quality 2-core speaker cable for passive speakers and amplifiers. Made with low-oxygen copper for improved signal transfer. And featuring a thick yet flexible PVC jacket to protect your cable. Supplied as a 100m roll making it great for installation applications and longer passive speaker system runs.

  • High quality 2-core speaker cable
  • Low oxygen cable for improved signal transmission
  • Great for general purpose & installtion applications
  • Supplied in a 100m roll


Product Model: KL215

Type: Speaker Cables

Colour: Dark grey

Overall diameter: 6.8 mm

Center conductor cross section: 1.5 mm²

Center conductor material: Copper

Center conductor construction: 30 x 0.25 mm

Number of internal conductors: 2

Line resistance: < 13 Ohm(s)

Capacitance: 150 pF/m

Jacket material: PVC

Weight: 5.00 kg (per 100m roll)


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