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Adam Hall Speakon Cable 10m

Highly flexible speaker cable in three different lengths ranging from one to ten metres, featuring Speakon compatible connectors and a cable cross-section of 2 x 1.5 mm². Ideal for connection of low-output speaker systems.

  • High-quality and flexible speaker cable
  • 4 Pole speakon connectors
  • 10m length
  • Great for low-powered speaker connections


Type: Speaker Cables

Length: 10 m

Colour: dark grey

Cable diameter: 6.8 mm

Center conductor cross section: 1.5 mm²

Surge Impedance: 13 ohm/km

Capacitance: <150 pF/m

Connectors: Speakon (NL4), Speakon (NL4)

Weight: 0.65 kg


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