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Ableton Live 10 Intro download code provides you with a digital code for downloading your copy of Live 10 Intro.


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Please note: This product has been discontinued.

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Ableton Live 10 Intro Download Code

Ableton Live 10 Intro download code provides you with a digital code for downloading your copy of Live 10 Intro.

The introduction version of the comprehensive DAW music software. Used by some of the top producers, and musicians around the world, Live 10 Intro is the perfect way to start putting together melodies and grooves. Featuring a 5+ GB sound library, 21 audio effects and 8 MIDI effects. Also allowing for 16 audio and MIDI tracks, 8 scenes, 2 send and return tracks and 4 mono audio and input channels. Additionally, Live 10 Intro also includes 4 software instruments; Drum Rack, Impulse, Simpler and Instrument Rack. Giving you all the elements you need to record and mix professional sounding music!

Complete with 2 Ableton Packs, one of which is a new addition in Live 10, Chop and Swing. Paying homage to the style that made sampling an art form, and putting a new kind of groove on the map. Loaded with curated recordings and professional presets that you can chop-up to create fresh new tracks. You’ll also enjoy the Loopmasters Mixtape Pack


Turn your most spontaneous ideas into music, without thinking about recording. Starting a song? Just arm a MIDI track and play. When an idea emerges, press Capture after you played it. Live 10 Intro will match your tempo and timing, and start your melody or groove in a perfect loop. You can also use Capture to progress your songs: add new parts or overdub MIDI into existing clips without breaking your flow—just press Capture after you’ve played it right.

Edit multiple MIDI clips

Create drums and bass, or chords and melody in tandem with Live 10 Intro. Work with multiple MIDI clips across multiple tracks within a single view—in both Session and Arrangement. Now you can edit smarter and take better control of the musical relationships in your song.

Create and arrange more fluidly

The Arrangement View has been optimized for quick creative editing and more efficient song creation. Easily stretch a clip, slide its content or create audio fades with new clip interactions that work directly in the Arrangement. Automate with greater control using grid snapping and other improved breakpoint interactions

Focus instantly on what you need to with quick keyboard shortcuts: toggle automation visibility for all tracks, zoom in and out of selections of your song, nudge clips, and even make audio edits like reversing samples.

Overall, Ableton Live 10 Intro is a great choice if you’re looking to get started in music production. Get your download code today!

  • New Capture feature captures your audio even if you didn’t press record
  • Refined look and feel
  • New library of sound
  • Multitrack audio recording and MIDI sequencing of software and hardware instruments
  • Unique Session View for nonlinear composition, flexible performance and improvisation
  • Real-time warping of audio (automatically sync music and loops, regardless of tempo)
  • MIDI-mappable controls for hands-on creation onstage or in studio (plus automatic mapping for popular hardware controllers)
  • Audio to MIDI conversion tools (extract harmony, melody or drums from an audio sample and convert to MIDI)
  • Basic selection of built-in audio effects and virtual instruments taken from full version for sound design, mixing and mastering
  • Advanced sampling and slicing tools
  • VST and Audio Unit support
  • Groove engine to apply swing
  • Video import and export for scoring to video
  • 1500+ sounds, 4 software instruments, 21 audio effects, 8 MIDI effects

System Requirements

  • Intel® with Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • PC with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Multi Core Processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1024 x 768 pixel screen resolution
  • USB drive for installation (USB stick provided with Live 10 installers)
  • 3 GB hard disk space free – Basic installation
  • 5 GB extra hard disk space free – If all included sounds are installed
For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.