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10 things that happened in 2016 banner
30th December, 2016
10 Things that Happened in 2016

It’s already the end of another year! 2016 has been hectic for the team at DJ City, with lots of changes, exciting announcements and awesome new toys! 10 Things that Happened in 2016 at DJ City: #1 New Chauvet DJ         This year was huge for Chauvet DJ. We released a whole […]

new years eve party hire packs
26th December, 2016
New Year’s Eve Party Hire Packs

Are you hosting this year’s New Year’s Eve Party? No need to panic! DJ City has hire packs with everything you need to have the best party and welcome to 2017! It’s important to think of a few things when booking your hire including: How many guests do I need to cater for? Do I […]

23rd December, 2016

We are very excited to announce that DJ City Brisbane will be opening in 2017! DJ City has grown in Melbourne, expanded to NSW and is now launching in sunny Queensland! Our brand new store will be located in Mansfield which is approximately 11 kilometres south-east of the CBD. This will be our first store in […]

19th December, 2016

Head down to your local DJ City store this week for your chance to win the Christmas Giveaway! CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! When you spend over $100 in-store, and show one of our staff members that you’ve ‘liked’ our Facebook page, you are entered into the draw to win a Chauvet DJ Gigbar, Hurricane 1400 Smoke Machine […]

16th December, 2016
5 DJing Tricks Every DJ Should Know

The purpose of a DJ is to play the music for the night in a smooth transition. However, it can get pretty boring if you just play one song after another. Add something special to the mix! Every DJ should know these 5 DJing tricks to use when mixing a track or even just as […]

12th December, 2016
KRK Rokit 5 Generation 3 – Now in Elegant White!

Have a White Christmas this year with the ultimate, stylish studio set-up. The KRK Rokit 5 White is available! The world’s most popular studio monitors can now be purchased in classy white. The Rokit 5 Generation 3 Series have dominated the industry and have earned a superior reputation from professionals globally. These powered monitors are […]

9th December, 2016
5 Best Websites To Download Free DJ Music

DJ City understands the importance of bargains for customers and has gathered all of our special items and clearance stock into one handy page full of all your DJ City Deals. Whether it’s DJ Equipment, Studio Gear, Live / PA Sound or Lighting; we have a deal for you! It’s a question we get all […]

JBL EON Giveaway
7th December, 2016
JBL EON Giveaway!

NEW JBL EON Giveaway! For a limited time, you can claim a FREE DBX GoRack (valued at $199 RRP) when you purchase any pair of JBL EON600 series speaker or JBL EON208P speaker set. This powerful little device is from the same family as the renowned DBX Driveracks, and is ultra compact and portable for […]

Shure Wireless Microphone Giveaway
7th December, 2016
Shure Wireless Microphone Giveaway!

NEW Shure Wireless Microphone Giveaway! For a limited time, you can claim a FREE set of Shure SRH440 Studio Headphones (valued at $149 RRP) when you purchase any Shure wireless microphone system. The Shure SRH440 Studio Headphones are highly regarded for their clarity and sonic accuracy. They have long been used by musicians and sound engineers in live […]

5th December, 2016
How To Do A Christmas Display The Right Way…With Snow!

If you want to pull out all the stops with the Christmas display in your front yard this year, then you definitely need a snow machine. Snow machines are heaps of fun for the kids (and adults too – let’s be honest) and will turn an Aussie Summer into a White Christmas. They produce a […]

2nd December, 2016
5 Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s already December and Christmas is just around the corner! If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your friends and family, we have some unique ideas for you! If you know someone who loves DJing, Music, Producing and anything else alike, you’ll definitely find something at DJ City. Of course, if you’re not […]

25th November, 2016
JBL / Electo-Voice / LD Systems – How To Decide

JBL, EV and LD are all at the top of the range when it comes to professional portable sound systems. This raises the questions – which brand is the best and which system is right for me? Deciding on which system is best for you depends on a few factors; What type of events will you […]

18th November, 2016
How To Use Wash Lighting To Stand Out

Wash Lighting is a fantastic way of setting the mood and adding some colour to your event. A wash light can be used anywhere! Whether you’re at a party, wedding or at a live show, you might not even realise the impact it has on the atmosphere. A wash light typically comes in the form of […]

Gemini DJ Controller Blog
7th November, 2016
Gemini DJ Controller Player Guide

For the month of November DJ City is having a 20% off sale on select Gemini DJ units, including MIDI controllers, Hybrid players and All-in-one DJ CD player mixers! If you’re in the market for a new, affordable DJ Player, we want to give you the run down on each Gemini Controller we have on special! Gemini […]

4th November, 2016
Beginners Guide: Wireless Microphones

What is a Wireless Mic? The name says it all! A wireless microphone is one that does not require a physical cable to connect with the receiver or speaker. Why Buy a Wireless Mic? It is a super convenient method of performing or presenting, as you are free to roam about the stage or area […]

26th October, 2016
Ultimate Guide: Buying Powered Speakers

“Powered Speakers”. It’s a huge topic and can become quite overwhelming when purchasing your first system. Here’s our “Ultimate Guide” to help you gain a better understanding of what to look for when buying powered speakers. What are Powered Speakers? Powered Speakers, also referred to as “Active Speakers”, are often confused with “Passive Speakers”. The difference […]

djing tips top 10
20th October, 2016
10 DJing Tips: How to DJ

We’ve all been to a party where the DJ has been absolutely rubbish. It ruins the night, doesn’t it? The team at DJ City have a few DJing tips to share with you to prevent the night from becoming a flop. 10 DJing Tips Every DJ Should Know  #1 Music Selection Yes, I know, sometimes […]

halloween blog
10th October, 2016
Halloween Lighting Sale

Halloween Lighting Sale This Halloween, DJ City have created 2 exclusive Halloween Lighting Packs available for a Limited Time Only! Each package contains everything you need to enhance your Halloween themed party or spooky display. Sale also includes a range of Special Effect Lighting as seen below. Smoke Machines Smoke Machines are almost essential at any Halloween […]

Free Gator Microphone Stand
5th October, 2016
Free Gator Microphone Stand

Free Gator Microphone Stand For a limited time you can claim a Free Gator Microphone Stand when you purchase a Shure Handheld Vocal Microphone*. The FREE Gator FrameWorks Microphone Stand (GFW-MIC-2020) is a high-quality stand designed to give you the flexibility and support for the perfect microphone positioning. Made from high-grade materials and features a collapsible tripod design that is […]

Free SM58 Microphone
5th October, 2016
Free SM58 Microphone with Ui12 or Ui16

Free SM58 Microphone What is better than a Free SM58 Microphone? A Free 50th anniversary edition SM58! For a limited time you can claim a FREE limited edition SM58 microphone with any purchase of the Soundcraft Ui12 or Ui16 Digital Mixers. These amazing units are ultra compact digital mixers designed for bands, and performers on […]

Free Gator Speaker Stands
4th October, 2016
Free Gator Speaker Stands JBL EON Promotion

Free Gator Speaker Stands For a limited time claim a pair of Free Gator Stands when you purchase a pair of any JBL EON600 series powered speakers or EON208P PA system. The FREE set of Gator FrameWorks Speaker Stands (GFW-SPK-2000) are high-quality stands designed to give your PA system the height and stability it needs, made […]

Free shure headphones
7th September, 2016
Free Shure Headphones With JBL LSR3 Series Monitor Pair

Free SHURE Headphones!!! For a limited time only receive a FREE pair of Shure SRH440 Studio Headphones when you purchase a pair of the ever popular JBL LSR 3 series studio monitors from DJ City. JBL LSR 3 SERIES MONITORS Regarded as one of the highest quality affordable studio monitors the JBL LSR 3 series comes in […]

reloop mixtour
25th August, 2016
Reloop Mixtour Portable DJ Mixer and Controller

Reloop Mixtour Reloop Mixtour, Bigger and better news from the Reloop team, Reloop have announced their new portable DJ mixer and controller the ‘Mixtour’. Dj City are proud to announce that we will be stocking these units in the near future. The Reloop Mixtour is one of smaller and portable mixers that will hit the […]

Behringer Motor Series
1st August, 2016
Behringer Motor Series MIDI Keyboard with Motorised Faders

Behringer Motor Series, the German engineers and developers from Behringer have answered our producers prayers and have announced there Motor series keyboard. The motor series keyboard comes in a 49 key and 61 key with full motorised faders. The Motor Series has been described as ‘the first MIDI Keyboard with motorised mixing faders’. Behringer offers […]

Reloop RP7000 Gold
30th July, 2016
Reloop RP7000 Gold Special Limited Edition DJ Vinyl Turntable

Reloop RP7000 Gold Reloop RP7000 Gold, All right listen up. Word is there’s a shipment of special edition GOLD (not actual gold) turntables headed for our shores. To celebrate 20 years of creating superior DJ gear, DJ industry masters Reloop are releasing a strictly limited Golden Edition run of the already spectacular RP-7000 turntable. With […]

alesis VMini
18th July, 2016
Alesis VMini and VX-49 Midi Keyboard Controller

Alesis VMini and VX-49 Midi Keyboard Alesis Vmini Known for their high-quality, low-cost, performance and studio equipment. Alesis makes the products you need at the prices you want. The new VMini and VX-49 Midi controllers are no exception. The VMini 25-key controller is a compact, USB powered software controller which gives you powerful and intuitive […]

Pioneer DDJ-RZX
9th July, 2016
Pioneer DDJ-RZX Video and Audio Controller

Pioneer DDJ-RZX Pioneer DDJ-RZX The team from Pioneer have once again have out performed everyone’s expectations and are now releasing the ‘DDJ-RZX’. The DDJ-RZX features three- 7″ touch screens that will give you all access to Pioneer’s digital DJ system ‘Rekordbox‘ (including Rekordbox Dj & Rekordbox video plus pack). The DDJ-RZX is very similar to the […]

Behringer Guitar Pedals
8th July, 2016
Behringer Guitar Pedals

Behringer Guitar Pedals Behringer Pedals; Not only does DJ City sell DJ Equipment we’ve decided that we want to include all things musical. We now stock everyone’s much loved pedal range from Behringer. Behringer pedals may be new to DJ City, they are certainly not new to guitarists! The Behringer Guitar Pedal Range are a […]

LD Systems Road Buddy
7th July, 2016
LD Systems Road Buddy 10 HS Portable PA

LD Systems Road Buddy 10 LD Systems Road Buddy. You look like you need a buddy. Well luckily, our friends at LD Systems have got you covered with the new RoadBuddy Portable PA. Just like a trusty companion should be, the LD RoadBuddy 10 is your reliable sidekick for those tricky situations where quality, power, […]

LD GT Series
24th June, 2016
LD Systems GT PA Speaker Series

LD Systems GT PA Speaker Series LD GT Series All new to Australia from the technological audio geniuses that are LD Systems, is the PA solution you have been dreaming about. Did you say you needed reliability, power and clarity? Well here at DJ City, that is basically how we spell LD Systems. The new […]

Focusrite Scarlett Gen2
23rd June, 2016
Focusrite Scarlett Generation 2 Audio Interface Range

Focusrite Scarlett Generation 2 What do you do with the best and most popular audio interface in the world? If you ask Focusrite, they’ll tell you, make it better. The Focusrite Scarlett series has been the industry standard USB audio interface for professional and home studios alike for years and it doesn’t look like that […]

Sennheiser EW Wireless Microphone
17th June, 2016
Sennheiser EW Wireless Microphone Professional

Sennheiser EW Wireless Microphone Sennheiser EW Wireless Microphone,  Is your wireless microphone system causing you headaches? Are you sick being forced to spend a fortune to avoid terrible quality audio, drop-outs and of course the ever-apparent eggshell-like casings? Luckily for you, your local DJ City shop is here to cater to your needs at the […]

Beamz Multiradiant 2
11th June, 2016
Beamz Multiradiant 2 Derby DJ Effect Light

Beamz Multiradiant 2 The Beamz Multiradiant 2 is one of the editions to the Beamz family. Like its predecessor the Multi Radiant 1 the MultiRadiant-II is a powerful and bright derby effect lighting that now is upgraded with IR technology and 2 extra colour that is brighter than ever. The Multiradiant 2 is a leap forward […]

Beamz Radical
11th June, 2016
Beamz Radical Derby and Laser Effect Light

Beamz Radical Beamz Radical The team from Beamz have introduced to DJ City the ‘Radical’. The Radical combines two lights into one making it an portable and ergonomic lighting fixture for mobile DJ’s and club owners. With the wide red and green angular beams from the laser and the crisp multi-coloured beams from the LED […]

Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 455Z
10th June, 2016
Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 455Z Moving Head Light

Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 455Z Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 455Z Looking to add another LED moving head light to your collection. Chauvet DJ has just released their new 455Z to join the Intimidator family. This light will take all your parties, events and functions to the next level. With a dual gobo that allows morphing […]

new chauvet Dj
8th June, 2016
New Chauvet DJ Lighting Products

What New Chauvet DJ Lighting Products The new Chauvet DJ Lights that have been added to the Chauvet Family are here and it’s about time we did a blog about it. Chauvet DJ have been making a path leading lighting in a new direction with the new light that are coming to our shores like […]

Electro Voice at DJ City
7th June, 2016
Electro Voice Arrives at DJ City

Electro Voice DJ City is proud to announce we have just signed on with one of the industry most trusted and recognised speaker brands, Electro Voice. This amazing speaker brand, affectionately know as EV, have been producing high quality speakers and PA for decades, and it shows in the performance and quality of each range. […]

mix2go blog
2nd June, 2016
Gemini Mix2Go Battery Powered DJ Controller

Gemini Mix2Go Gemini Mix2Go has a built in Lithium battery with a battery life of 6 hours. No need to take lug speakers around with this controller, all the speakers you need are built inside the battery powered unit. The Mix2Go has a large selection of audio inputs to choose from. The Mix2GO has a […]

1st June, 2016
Chauvet 4-Bar Tri USB

Is your rig bearing you down? Setups and pack downs making your passion a hassle? With the Chauvet 4Bar Tri, your struggles have ended. This ingeniously designed stage wash provides your band or venue with a perfectly portable yet extremely effective lighting solution. The Chauvet 4Bar Tri is 4 LED Par effects mounted to a […]

Behringer ULM
25th May, 2016
Behringer ULM Wireless Microphones Series

Behringer ULM Behringer ULM have some interesting news for all you performers and DJ’s. The high quality German engineers from Behringer have designed and released its own digital wireless microphone to be used with its own selected products. The Behringer ULM series microphones comes in two different packages the ULM100USB and the ULM202USB. The ULM100USB […]