Ultimate range of turntable DJ Stylus needles for all your DJ and domestic Vinyl needs.

A stylus is the needle used to play back sound. The stylus is attached to the cartridge which converts vibrational energy into electrical energy. This is then amplified and converted into sound by a speaker. These are bolted to the headshell which is a head piece designed to be attached to the end of a turntable’s “tone arm”. The headshell is where weight may be added to prevent skipping if the DJ is scratching the record.

From famous brands including Ortofon and Reloop, see our vast range of high quality needles for optimum Djing and listening. Elliptical and Spherical styles also stocked.

However, you need to ensure you select the right turntable accessories for your application and turntable. If you need assistance in selecting any turntable accessory, visit your local DJ City store or feel free to give us a call. We’re happy to help!