Scrims is the must have accessory for any mobile DJ, musician or entertainer. Ideal for performers with in the Corporate and wedding sector of the industry. Disguising your set up with sleek clean white or black lycra covers, completely transform your rig from standard to spectacular. The white colour is particularly popular for wedding performers as the clean white display suits any wedding.

With such a wide variety of different types of Scrims, there will always be a suitable size for your set-up. The various types available fit Speaker and Lighting stands, Trestle tables, Trussing, Speakers and Instrument stands. Perfect for the performers with large set-ups that use lots of stands.

Achieving the Look … The most effective way is using coloured wash lighting with the White colour. This achieves an amazing lighting effect that looks incredible when used on multiple stands. Stand out in a sea of normal performers and use a Scrim in your set-up to grab your clients attention.

See our Scrim King Scrims Video for an idea of how incredible a scrim cloth can look when illuminated. Perfect for use as a theatre scrim or stage scrim.