Native Instruments is at the forefront of software and hardware for computer-based audio production and DJing. Their famous Traktor and Komplete products are used by professionals and mobile DJs world-wide.

Creators of incredible software such as Traktor, Native Instruments is an industry leader, designing and manufacturing solutions for computer based audio production and DJing. All of Native Instruments products, be it software or hardware is a no compromise solution purpose built to outperform the competition. Live remixing, scratching, producing, mixing, sampling or recording- whatever you do, whether you do it live or in a studio, if you want to do it as good as it can be done then you need to be using Native Instruments. All of their products are built to the highest exacting standards that have catapulted Native Instruments to the forefront of the audio entertainment industry. With studio quality audio fidelity, the Traktor controllers are a feat of engineering brilliance and will help you take the next step toward your successful DJ career. Well thought out layout and ease of use make the Native Instrument DJ controllers the must have piece of gear for DJs at every skill level all over the world. Once of the great things about the NI range is the compatibility with each other, by combining 2,3 or more products you can customer build an ultra powerful, compact and portable DJ control surface. For live or studio use, the Maschine- Groove production studio revolutionised sample based pad production controllers upon its release. Featuring software and hardware by the same name, Native Instruments’ Maschine incorporates effortless workflow with powerful software for an unparalleled production experience. Visit DJ City for more information.