Crane make high quality stands which are widely popular among mobile DJs. Their ergonomic laptop stands are portable, lightweight and feature a modern style available in a range of colours.

The best portable laptop stand available on the market today with incredible versatility, strength and durability thanks to its amazingly high quality design and construction. The Designers of this revolutionary stand were sitting at a bar one night and were tired of the lack of high quality laptop stands available on the market so decided to create their own. Soon enough a napkin was filled with sketches which were taken to their designer friends who had the team join forces with a master welder & craftsmen. Not long after the crane stand was released, it caused waves and deals were made to get the item into mass production. Not showing any signs of slowing down, the Crane Stand can be seen as a vital part of many performance venues at top night clubs, venues and productions all over the world as well as many mobile performance set ups. Do yourself a favour and come check out the range of unbelievable stands by Crane Hardware at your local DJ City store!