Acorn Instruments create compact MIDI keyboard controllers at an affordable price. Their range of Masterkey keyboards are ideal for studio production and live performance.

Behind Acorn Instruments is a group of people who have designed and developed products over the past 20+ years so there is plenty of experience in the building. Chances are, if you are a musician, producer or DJ, you will have used not just one but several of the products we have been involved with.

We established Acorn Instruments in 2010 delivering the first products during 2011. Good development takes a long time to conceptualize, develop and test every product, before finally going to production. Even then, there is typically a 2-3 month period of finishing production, QA testing, shipping to distribution warehouses and finally to the resellers before a customer receives the product. We love this process and pay attention to getting it right. Still, like everybody else, we do make mistakes. If a product is not to your satisfaction, let us know about it. We take great care in resolving any issues that our customers have and use the feedback to improve our processes where possible.