Ableton are the pioneers behind Push and Live products. Their hardware and software is used world-wide by musicians, producers and DJs for music production and live performance.

Ableton Live has revolutionised music production software with the development of its session/ arrangement windows, allowing users new ways to interact with their productions instead of just the standard timeline format. Now industry standard for production and heavily used in live shows, Ableton’s software is just as at home in the studio or on stage.
With a host of fantastic hardware available from different companies and Ableton’s own PUSH controller, users are now able to do incredible things with totally original content or tweak other artists work live, in the studio or on the fly. With nothing more than a laptop, Ableton users have access to a professional level production studio anywhere they go.
Launched in 2001 and never looking back, Ableton have continued to revolutionise an already incredible product- Now up to its 9th edition Ableton offers unbelievable flexibility and creativity for music production. With the latest release of Live users can beat box or hum a drum beat or melody and convert that recording to a MIDI track and use new sounds with the recorded beat to allow your great idea for a track to become a reality much faster.
Whether you are a recording artist, producer, remixer or an audio enthusiast, Ableton’s incredible Live software is capable of turning your thoughts into music with its simple layout and powerful functions.
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Available in three versions-

Standard; everything you need to create, perform, remix or record. Complete with installation disks and reference manual.

Suite; The hamburger with the lot. A huge array of sounds and samples, MAX for Live and heaps of instruments and effects allowing endless creativity.

Intro; Still capable of incredible things, the into version lets you test the water before jumping in head first. With a limited number of audio tracks and some restricted features this is the amazing software with some limitations for a fraction of the price.