Steinberg Cubase
2nd May, 2016

Steinberg Cubase DAW Production Software

DJ City welcomes Steinberg’s digital audio workstation (DAW) production software to all of its stores. Cubase combines 30 years of Steinberg’s expertise knowledge to develop the most cutting edge DAW made for musicians and enthusiast alike. If you may be a performer, producer, sound engineer, song writer, composer or  an enthusiast Cubase is the leading DAW to use. Cubase have collated industry leading sound quality, advanced audio and midi tools, intuitive handling for users to easily record, edit, mix and compose ideas.

DJ City has 3 Cubase options for all skill levels, starting from beginner to professional. DJ City also offers educational prices for students who are currently enrolled within Australian Institutes. Please ask our staff if you are eligible for educational pricing.

Download your trial version here.

CUBASE Elements 8 

Cubase Elements 8.5 education box

Ideal for: Home recordists, bands, singer/songwriters, creative musicians
32-bit/192 kHz Steinberg audio engine
24 physical inputs and outputs
Record and mix up to 48 audio and 64 MIDI tracks
24 instrument tracks
16 VST instrument slots

CUBASE Artist 8.5

Steinberg Cubase Artist 8.5 box

Ideal for: Seasoned musicians, project studio owners, bands
32-bit/192 kHz Steinberg audio engine
32 physical inputs and outputs
Record and mix up to 64 audio and 128 MIDI tracks
32 instrument tracks
32 VST instrument slots

CUBASE Pro 8.5

Steinberg Cubase Pro8.5 Education box

Ideal for: Professional producers, mixing engineers, composers
32-bit/192 kHz Steinberg audio engine with 5.1 surround support
256 physical inputs and outputs
Record and mix unlimited audio, instrument and MIDI tracks
Unlimited instrument tracks
64 VST instrument slots

To get your copy of Cubase come into your nearest DJ City and our friendly staff will help you, if you cant make it in and would like to make an online purchase please goto our website.