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New MAX Lighting Sets

9th January, 2017
New MAX Lighting Sets

MAX have released new all-in-one lighting kits which are now available from DJ City! There are two versions; a DJ Lighting Set and a Wash Lighting Set. These new MAX lighting sets are super easy to set-up and transport. They’re perfect for mobile entertainers looking to add some convenient, yet effective lighting to their rig.

MAX Lighting Sets


The Max PartyBar is a complete all-in-one lighting effect kit. This set is perfect for DJs and parties with 4 powerful effects, a lighting stand, and wireless remote control. The PartyBar comprises of 2x tri-colour LED par cans each with 3 bright RGB LEDs, and 2x jelly moon effects each with 4x RGBW LEDs that project an array of beams that move around your party area. Super easy to set-up and use. All the lights are pre-installed on the control bar – just set it up on your stand and add power!

Max PartyBar


The MAX ParBar-4×3 is a complete LED par can wash lighting set. It is designed to give your dance floor or stage a vibrant wash of colour. The set comes with 4x LED par cans each with 3x bright RGB tri-colour LEDs giving off a colourful wash effect. Like the Partybar, this unit is super easy to set-up and use. Just set it up on your lighting stand and plug it in!

Max ParBar-4x3
153236_effect2 150485_effect2



Each of these incredible units come with a remote and tripod lighting stand for extra convenience!

150485_insert4 150485_insert3

Feel free to give us a call for more information or visit us in-store for a demonstration of these new units!

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