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3rd January, 2017
NEW BEAMZ Products Have Landed!

DJ City have just received a massive range of brand new Beamz products! From laser lights, to strobes and bubble machines!

Some of these highly anticipated products are on their way and will be arriving soon!

Here are a few of our top picks from the new series!


The Beamz S1500 is a powerful smoke machine for your next party or event. Featuring an impressive 1500W output allowing you to cater to a wide range of events and parties. The machine includes a wired timer remote with output control for setting the optimal fog level. This unit can be controlled via DMX for use with larger lighting shows and displays. Easy to use with only an 8 minute heat time.

Beamz S1500


PANTHER 15 $189

The Beamz Panther 15 is a compact LED mini-moving head effect with a tight RGBW beam. Featuring a punchy 10W 4-in-1 LED light source and ultra smooth motor that allow the effect to move and chase around the dance floor. Its ultra compact size makes it super easy to install and transport. The Panther comes ready to plug-and-play with built-in auto and sound active functions, as well as the ability to be controlled via the included IR remote control and supports DMX.

Beamz Panther 15

4HEAD-CL $99

The Beamz 4Head-CL is a great LED DJ effect light with RGB LEDs. Built with 132 RGBA LEDs that deliver amazing colours and patterns, and a unique transparent housing that glows while in use. It also features built-in auto programs and sound mode. Great for creating a sound to music lighting show. It comes with a handy remote control that allows you to control the light from a distance.

Beamz 4Head-CL


The Beamz SB2000-LED is a unique 3-in-1 effect unit that combines a smoke machine, bubble machine, and LED wash light. It creates a volley of bubbles filled with smoke that are blown out and upwards, while the built-in LED lights colour the smoke bubble for a ‘glowing orb’ type effect. This effect machine uses a dual wand bubble blow with high-powered fan, and uses 18x 3W RGB LEDs as the colour wash. The SB2000-LED is easy to use, and at the end of the show you’ll have no trouble cleaning up thanks to the liquid drainage valve system.

Beamz SB2000-LED


The Beamz B1000 is a lightweight and reliable bubble machine, creating a whirling bubble effect with a powerful fan. It’s easy to transport thanks to the integrated handle and comes with a wireless remote control which enables you to turn the machine on and off from a fixed location. Just simply add your bubble fluid into the tank, plug it in and press the button on the remote!



The Beamz Bianca is an ultra compact RGB laser light that projects hundreds of beams, creating an amazing effect. Featuring a dual lens with a red ‘firefly’ effect in one, and a green and blue laser effect with gobo’s in the other. Together they create an amazing pattern that moves and dances around the room. This laser also come with an IR remote allowing you to wirelessly select the program, colour, and even turn the unit on or off.

Beamz Bianca


The Beamz BFP130 is a compact UV LED par can that mimics the effects of a black light. Perfect for your dance floor or venue. Built into a compact ‘flatpar’ housing that can fit almost anywhere, even inside your box trussing. It features various operating modes including; Master / Slave, Sound, Strobe, and DMX for connecting to larger lighting shows and set-ups. This unit also comes with an IR remote for selecting and changing programs without having to access the control panel.

Beamz BFP130

Many of these new products will be on display at our showrooms, so come and visit us for a demonstration.

Click on the images below to explore more of the new range!

Beamz Panther-40 Beamz MHL-90 Beamz SB1500-LED



MHL-90 – $299

SB1500-LED – $249

160572_temp Beamz Sway Beamz Mushroom II Beamz BFP110


SWAY – $119


BFP110 – $99

Beamz PS10W Beamz BAC406 Beamz ICE700 Beamz Titania

PS10W – $69

BAC406 – $229



Beamz BS98 Beamz Outdoor-Laser Beamz BFP110  Beamz MHL810

BS98 – $189


BFP110 – $99

MHL810 – $599

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