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Gemini DJ Controller Player Guide

Gemini DJ Controller Blog
7th November, 2016
Gemini DJ Controller Player Guide

For the month of November DJ City is having a 20% off sale on select Gemini DJ units, including MIDI controllers, Hybrid players and All-in-one DJ CD player mixers!

If you’re in the market for a new, affordable DJ Player, we want to give you the run down on each Gemini Controller we have on special!

Gemini DJ Controllers


Gemini SLATE 2


Gemini SLATE 4


Gemini G2V


Gemini G4V

Channels  2  4  2  4
Software  Serato DJ Intro   Serato DJ Intro Virtual DJ LE  Virtual DJ LE
Inputs  Mic Input Mic Input Aux & Mic Input  Aux & Mic Input
Outputs  RCA Unbalanced  RCA Unbalanced  XLR Balanced XLR Balanced
Interface  24 Bit  24 Bit  24 Bit  24 Bit
Pads  16 RGB 16 RGB 16 Blue  16 Blue
Jog Wheels 11.5cm 11.5cm 15.5cm 15.5cm


SLATE Series


– SIZE, the compact size of the Slate is conveniently small making it an easy and great solution for portable use, slipping into just about any slot in your DJ bag. The Slate 2 & 4 are only 25mm thick.

– RGB PADS, the Slate 2 & 4 are two of the only DJ controllers within their price range to have RGB pads. Having coloured pads actually help you to identify the pad much easier with a visual aid.


– SIZE, that’s right one of its Pros is also a Con – Confused? Well look at it this way, because of how compact the unit is, it actually makes for a much harder controller to use. The small size of the unit means that everything from the Jog wheels to the length of the volume & Pitch sliders have been decreased, which means as a DJ you have to be all the more accurate hitting the right spot.

–  BUILD, The build of the Slate, although its familiar and standard as far as DJ Controllers go, is entirely made from plastic. This is not uncommon with DJ Controllers these days and, of course, being at the very affordable end of the market you couldn’t expect the controller to be made out of gold, but still some rubberised control dials or trigger pads could have brought a little something extra to the table.

GV Series


– SIZE, going the opposite way to the Slate controllers the GV range are a larger controller. It feels really spacious to use, with nice long sliders, big jog wheels and large pads, the GV is a great controller to DJ on. Perfect for the beginner DJ as it gives you a lot of controller for such a little price and plenty of room to move.

–  BUILD, possibly one of the most surprising things about the GV series is that the body of the controller is entirely made of metal! It’s literally unheard of. Plenty of controller use their share of metal in the shell of the fascia, but not even heavy weights like Pioneer or Denon have a controller completely built out of metal. So if you need a controller that can pretty much work after running it over with a car, the GV series is the ultimate road ready controller for the travelling DJ.

– OUTPUTS, a very notable Pro of the GV controller series is the XLR balanced output. In a world of DJ Controllers where RCA output is the new standard, it’s awesome to see XLR on a controller like this.


– PADs, this may not effect many DJs because the functionality of the pads is very obvious on the GV controllers and the navigation is clearly written on the controller so its not difficult to know what mode your Pads are on. BUT! RGB pads are pretty much now the industry standard. Having a single blue dimmable backlit pad is fine and it will do the job but come on, we want some colour on this thing. I want to look down at my controller and know exactly what mode it’s in using the light it’s displaying.

–  PLAY, CUE, SYNC. I found while demoing the GV series the track control buttons below the jog wheel are too small. Again, something that one could get used to, but given the size of the controller I just feel like the control button could have been much bigger as they are probably one of the most used button on the units.

Gemini DJ CD / USB Players

Gemini GMX 2-Channel DJ Controller_angle

Gemini GMX

Gemini GMX Drive 2-Channel DJ Player_Top

Gemini GMX

Gemini CDM-4000_top

 Gemini CDM-4000

Gemini CDMP-7000 All in One DJ Media Console top front functions

Gemini CDMP7000

Channels  2  2  2  3
Software Virtual DJ LE Virtual DJ LE NA NA
Inputs  Mic Input Mic Input Aux & Mic Input  Aux & Mic Input
Outputs XLR Balanced XLR Balanced RCA Unbalanced XLR Balanced
Interface  24 Bit  24 Bit  24 Bit  24 Bit
Pads  16 Blue 16 Red NA NA
Jog Wheels 11.5cm 11.5cm 15.5cm 15.5cm


GMX Series


– STAND ALONE, The GMX series have been designed to cater for the in between market of DJs that are still playing tracks via CD or USB and not just on the computer. The great thing about these stand-alone controllers is that there are multiple ways of playing music and you aren’t restricted by what you have on your computer. Both GMX units have an additional USB port in the rear of the unit to support an external Hard drive, which makes it even more attractive for the DJs that have GBs of songs siting on a Hard drive.

– SIZE, the GMX controller size, although still in the medium size market, are a well spaced controller, not too claustrophobic in its functions and allows for very user friendly DJ experience.


–  BUILD, The build of the GMX Series, although it’s familiar and standard as far as DJ Controllers go, is entirely made from plastic. While that’s not uncommon with DJ Controllers these days and, of course, being at the very affordable end of the market you couldn’t expect the controller to be made out of gold, but still some rubberised control dials or trigger pads could have brought a little something extra to the table.

CDM 4000


– RACK-ABLE, the very convenient width of the CDM-4000 at 19 inch and with built in rack ears means this bad boy is fully rack mountable. Ideal for the old school DJ’s that are still using a 19-inch rack mount case for their gear.

–  BUILD, the CDM-4000 was designed for the road hardened DJs. The shell is built out of a solid metal with no plastic and the unit’s sliders and dials feel solid. It is well and truly a great unit for CD using Mobile DJ work.


– FUNCTION, so although this unit is quite solid and has the additional USB input for each side of the deck, it definitely feels as if it’s built and designed in an older time. There are no performance pads, no FX and the LCD display feels like its from a 90s production line.

–  SIZE, to get as much as they did into a unit that fits into a 19 inch rack mount case is great, but this unit still lacks the proper feel a DJ player should have, with smaller Jog wheels and volume sliders it doesn’t give that professional feel.



– FUNCTION, this thing has everything! It’s awesome, not only does it sync with Virtual DJ seamlessly, but you can run CD, MP3 CD, Stand alone USB and SD card. As well as featuring on board digital FX Coloured LCD display with wave form and BPM. It’s literally the hamburger with the lot, packed full of all the functions you would ever need as a DJ and beyond!

–  BUILD, the most notable feature of this player is the layout. The players are set out like Pioneer styled CDJ with large jog wheels that have an LCD display in the centre. The mixer is a good sized three channel mixer that gives you the proper feel of a DJ mixer. The main reason why the build and layout of the unit is so note worthy is because when it comes to all in one players its difficult to find a player that is large enough to give you the same appeal as three single units would, but the CDMP-7000 definitely breaks that mould.


– ALL EGGS IN ONE BASKET, well where there is an abundance of features and functions, it sometimes means that all your eggs are put into one basket. What I mean by that is with all this functionality, there can be some flow effects. For instance, if you’re using the CDMP-7000 with Virtual DJ on a computer and then get asked to play the next song on a CD or USB stick, you’re in luck with a flick of a switch you can go from MIDI mode to CD/USB/SD mode and play a track from another media source. BUT when it’s time to flick that side back to MIDI mode … then we have to restart Virtual DJ, which can be a pain.

Basically, the controller has so much function that sometimes it can be a little fragile with so many commands, so be patient and try not to overload the controller by doing too much at once.


So that’s our run down on all the Gemini DJ controllers and players that we have on special this month. If you have any further questions about any of these controllers on our blog, feel free to call or email our sales staff using our contact page.


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