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24th March, 2017
Access Virus Synths Now Available!

Access Now Stocked at DJ City!

Access was founded in 1997 in Germany with the mission to hardware editors to ‘access’ the sound parameters buried in menu driven synthesizers.

Today, their famous Virus series is sold popularly worldwide. Artists from Depeche Mode to Prodigy, from Sasha to Hans Zimmer, NIN to Neptunes and Linkin Park to Dr. Dre rely on it on their tours and in the studio.

The Virus Series have become some of the most sought after products in the industry.

Access Virus TI2 Snow

The Snow is a compact desktop synthesizer with a powerful analogue modelling engine. Featuring a hands-on analogue feel with power digital sound engine and a host of included effects and patches. This is the ideal choice for travelling musicians. The patch select buttons make searching for the right sound a breeze and allow you to access any of the 1024 internal patches with four or fewer button clicks.

Access Virus Ti2 Snow virustisnow01-4a8c87fdfd8876ddc9b1f2f2875d8310 virustisnow02-9637b912c4e6b351d028e9790039eb45

Access Virus TI2 Desktop

Much like the Snow, the Desktop is a premium synthesizer that combines the functionality and control of an analogue synth together with the power and performance of a digital engine. This powerful sound engine is perfect for musicians and producers both in the studio and for live performances. Designed to work hand-in-hand with your Mac or PC, the Virus TI2 Desktop includes VIRUSControl software that automatically detects the Virus TI2 Desktop when a connection is made over USB.

Access Virus Ti2 Desktop 9307_access_virusti2desktop 9308_access_virusti2desktop

Access Virus TI2 Polar

This premium 37 key, 80-voice polyphonic synthesizer is loaded with features and sounds that every EDM producer & musician dreams of. Combining the flow and control of analogue synths together with the power and performance of a digital engine. Like the other units, its Total Integration design allows you switch over to MIDI control to use your favourite plug-ins or other hardware synthesizers.

Access Virus Ti2 Polar access-music-virus-ti2-polar-02-jpg-468d476575c803941b0b4be6af32adaa access-music-virus-ti2-polar-03-jpg-938a421b5bd7088151e45a2c54135159

Access Virus TI2 Keyboard

Similar to the Polar, this is a premium 61 key, 80-voice polyphonic synthesizer comes packed with incredible features and sounds perfect for EDM. The Virus Keyboard is an advanced controller and performance instrument featuring superb sound and intuitive operation, functioning equally well in the studio or on stage.

Access Virus Ti2 Keyboard acc-tikeyboard_2 acc-tikeyboard_3_1

For more information, view the Access Website, visit our store or give us a call!

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